Importance of Self Defense – 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

In today’s world, danger can be right around the corner. As criminals become more brazen and wily, it is not enough to rely on our government or our local police force to keep us protected 24 hours a day. What if a criminal made his way into your home tonight? Would you have the ability to protect your family? Do your loved ones have to walk the city streets alone? Would they be able to protect themselves against an attacker?

Here are five great products that can help you avoid becoming the next victim in an increasingly violent world.

Stun Guns

Stun guns are one of the most popular self-defense items on the market today. Endorsed by police and rescue personnel across the country, they make for the perfect defense against a would-be attacker.

Stun guns are designed to deliver a high voltage, yet non-lethal shock against an attacker, giving you or your loved one the opportunity to escape and alert authorities. Stun guns are easy to use, affordable and effective self-defense tools.

In addition to typical stun guns you may have seen on television and magazines, technology has advanced to create unique stun devices that look like cell phones, pens and even flashlights. Your attacker won’t even know what hit him!


Like stun guns, TASERS deliver a jolt of electricity to a would-be attacker. However, TASERS deliver a paralyzing jolt from as far away as 20 feet. The jolt is non-lethal and has been used by police and military for years.

Many TASERS are shaped like high powered guns and will often scare off a would-be attacker before you even have the chance to pull the trigger. But with long-range technology, you’ll be able to paralyze your attacker before he can get away and have him subdued before the authorities arrive.

Mace and Pepper Sprays

For years, men and women have used peppery spray to ward off dangerous attackers. In addition to causing excruciating pain, pepper sprays can affect the respiratory system and force an attacker’s eyes shut for up to 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to have escape his grasp and alert the authorities.

Because seasoned criminals know that susceptible victims often arm themselves with such products, new technology has been developed to mask peppery spray as a lipstick canister, pens and even fashionable rings. Such advancements are the perfect protection for women who may fall prey to an attacker. These ingenious items make it easy to escape someone’s grasp without having to fumble for a spray canister. The term “Mace” often used interchangeably with “pepper spray” is a name brand of a similar product and is just as effective.


Although knives can be very dangerous, particularly if you are a victim of a knife attack, they can be quite useful in self-defense. Stainless steel folding and butterfly knives are the most common. They are easy to use and are often quite attractive. However, there are many pen knives on the market today perfect for stealth self-defense.

Other Self Defense Products

Self-defense is not only a necessity outside the home. Often, intruders can wreak havoc on one’s home and, in some cases, cause harm to those inside. The first line of defense against home invasions is an alarm, which may include a motion alarm as well as an alarm for doors and windows.

Similarly, human attackers aren’t the only thing a victim should fear. Animals, both domestic and wild, can strike the fiercest of attacks. Electronic animal repellents and sprays are also on the market to fight against ffour-legged predators.