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Stun Guns & Stun Devices

Stun guns are a very effective self-defense weapon. They are small, easy to operate and come concealed in everyday use items – such as the cell phone stun gun, flashlight stun guns, and more. They use high voltage with very low amperage which allows you to temporarily incapacitate an attacker without causing long-lasting damage.


Self Defense Weapons

Talon 18 Million Volt Stun Gun

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Blast Knuckle & Fist Stun Guns

ZAP Blast Knuckle Extreme Stun Gun


Stun Guns are one of the most popular self-defense products on the market today. Endorsed by police and rescue personnel across the country, they make for the perfect defense against a would-be attacker. Stun guns are easy to use, affordable, non-lethal and extremely effective at giving you or your loved one the opportunity to escape and alert authorities.

Stun guns use a high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge to override the body's superficial muscle-triggering mechanisms. As a result, the recipient is immobilized. The low-current is what makes it non-lethal. Generally, stun guns are about 2-3 mA, where 100 mA is lethal to humans.

In addition to typical stun guns you may have seen on television and magazines, technology has advanced to create unique stun guns that look like cell phones, USB Drives and even flashlights. Your attacker won’t even know what hit him!

We offer one of the largest selections of stun guns by some of the biggest names, including Stun Master, Safety Technology, RUNT and ZAP. Before purchasing a stun gun, you should check the Stun Gun Laws and restrictions to make sure they are legal in your area.