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Steel Shot SAP Gloves

Steel Shot Gloves, also known as SAP Gloves, are perfect for any law enforcement officer, security officer, or anyone looking for an inconspicuous line of self-defense. These sap gloves have steel shot sewn into the knuckle area providing you with a hard and heavy punch.

The SAP Gloves we carry look like ordinary gloves, except these, carry a punch. The best part about these self defense gloves is that they don’t require you to reach and grab to deploy like other self-defense weapons – being that you are already wearing the gloves throughout your day or during duty.

SAP gloves have been used by law enforcement personnel for decades and are highly effective in terms of non-lethal self-defense.

Steel shot is sewn into the knuckle area of each glove, and some SAP gloves have extra steel shot sewn into the back of the hand. This can be useful for more versatility in how they can be used effectively.