Leather SAP Gloves - Steel Shot Filled Gloves


These Leather SAP gloves have steel shot sewn into the knuckles.

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Law Enforcement SAP Gloves with Steel Shot Knuckles

These SAP gloves have 8oz. per glove of steel shot sewn into the knuckle area and made of high-quality leather. Superior to that of powdered lead.

Will stun and subdue any violator in their tracks!

These steel filled SAP gloves are now available to the public!

Pack a serious punch with these otherwise innocuous gloves. Law enforcement has been using them for years to help win fights with unruly suspects.

Order yours today and be prepared next time you need to throw down.

Please check with your local law enforcement agency for any restrictions on the use of these gloves.

*Glove style may vary depending upon availability

8 reviews for Leather SAP Gloves – Steel Shot Filled Gloves

  1. samuel

    Very impressed with the quality of the gloves. Definitely would do some damage with a punch!

  2. Diego434

    These gloves are great, they make a huge improvement to your punches

  3. Joe

    Good investment.

  4. Devon

    I can punch like king kong! lol

  5. Ken10987

    Having gloves that are filled with steel shot can come in handy for defending yourself. These gloves arrived exactly as pictured and were extremely effective when used on a punching bag. Havent punched a real person .. yet 🙂

  6. LeeTrotta

    I was figuring that there would be a small amount of steel shot in these gloves. However, these gloves really packed a punch and threw my friend back a few steps! And hes a pretty big guy. These would definitely do some damage with a solid shot to the face..

  7. LennyV

    Didnt know what to expect when I ordered these. When I got them and put them on you can just feel that they mean business. I LIGHTLY knocked myself on the chin and it felt like a pretty hard shit. If you hit somebody hard with these things they will be hurting… Very impressed.

    Package arrived fast exactly as described. Thanks

  8. JC

    I had to buy these, used them at the gym and murdered a punchbag, got a few funny looks, but hey. Glad I read the website before buying, read what it says about the sizes, large are more like medium…too small for me, I got the XL Sap Gloves, more like large. Perfect.

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