Personal Alarm With Flashlight

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130db Personal Alarm With Flashlight. Sound is activated when the pin is pulled.


The sleek, slim, and adorable design of the PL-6 personal alarm with flashlight fits easily into small hands, purses and even a pocket. The dimensions are: 3.5″ x 2.5″ x 0.5″. The activation pin is connected to a wrist strap and when the pin is removed the alarm sounds at an ear piercing 130db. Grandma should always carry one of these just in case.

There have been seniors who stumbled, outdoors, and although they did not get hurt, they could not get themselves up off the ground, and this little life-saver can attract attention from a neighbor, or someone! The alarm is also equipped with a flashlight, useful for dark parking lots or when entering a dark building. Perfect for real estate agents, night-shift employees and even children! Actually, everyone in the family should have one, and some kids think the flashlight is “fun” to play with. Uses 2 AAA batteries, which are included.

Meredith has her elderly father come to visit now and then, and he stays for a few days. Since she has a smoke-free home, and the twins have asthma, she asks her dad to go out in the backyard each evening to smoke his cigar. Luckily he always has one of these in his pocket, because one evening, he heard a noise, and out of curiosity, he walked over near the back fence, and somehow got his pant leg caught on a piece of wire sticking out. He could not break free from the entanglement, and was too far from the house to yell for help. This little gadget helped the family hear the “call for help,” and they all came running. Crisis averted, and now they all have a good laugh when retelling the story.

1 review for Personal Alarm With Flashlight

  1. Charlie

    This small flashlight also is extremely loud when deployed. It can make a noise that will cause any criminal to run when they hear it. This is a perfect device for someone working in a dangerous area or at night.

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