NO MONTHLY FEE Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS GSM GPRS Realtime Tracker

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NO MONTHLY FEE Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS GSM GPRS Realtime Tracker. Provides Multifunction Real-time GPS Live Tracking with NO FEES / NO ACTIVATION COSTS



NO MONTHLY FEE Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS GSM GPRS Realtime Tracker


Provides Multifunction Real-time GPS Live Tracking with NO FEES / NO ACTIVATION COSTS

Best kept Secret in Tracking.. because the Service is FREE!!!!

That’s right – FREE (all that is required is a Sim Card from any ATT, T-Mobile or any GSM Provider. These can be pre-paid or added to existing plans)


GPS Tracker

With point to point functionality, it is not necessary to monitor the object via the Internet. Wherever one can make a phone call, one can track the object and see the movement from any mapping software in real time.

Actually see vehicle move LIVE ACROSS the screen as it drives. INCREDIBLE!!!

Just as with a live telephone conversation, Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker provides non-stop and continuous real time tracking without time limitation

Suitable for All Aspect of Tracking Applications ***

Comes with FREE Mapping Software !!!!

Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker is a very small sized (1.75″ x 2.75″ x .75″) GPS/DTMF/GSM FREE Real-Time GPS Tracker.

This tracker contains a GPS module, GSM module, GPS antenna, GSM antenna and a re-chargeable battery. It is an independent device smaller in size than a mobile phone and is completely self-contained.

This INCREDIBLE New technology allows user to Track Real Time for FREE of Service Fees and NO Recurring Monthly Fees and NO ACTIVATION COSTS.

Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker uses the most unique DTMF technology via GSM voice channel to send back the real time GPS location data directly to any phone.

The user can track any moving object live on the map without Internet access and a call center in between (Tracking is free of charge with no need to pay any monthly subscription to a service).

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

Unlike a traditional SMS tracker that only sends an SMS with a GPS position to the cell phone and user has to manually key in the location digit by digit to get only a dot on a map, Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker continuously sends back real time location data. This facilitates route tracking on local GPS or Google maps.

You can actually watch the vehicle movements live on a map similar to a car navigation system in Real-Time.

Unlike the traditional GPRS tracker which needs to send the data continuously to an IP server (and keep consuming battery power), Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker can go into sleep mode to reduce power consumption.

With a regular re-chargeable battery, Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker can stand by for almost five days which makes it very suitable for personal tracking.

For example, simply put the small tracker into a child’s backpack during the school week, removing it for recharge over the weekend. It is ideal for personal security and most importantly, parents don’t need to pay monthly fee after purchasing the unit.

User can insert any local GSM SIM card (or pre-paid SIM card, etc.) making it only necessary to pay a phone call charge when tracking is in use.

Also, by setting up three priority call back telephone numbers inside Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker, user can press the SOS button and the tracker will immediately send a SMS with GPS location to the preset numbers.

User can also activate the Geo Fencing function so that the tracker will send a SMS warning when the tracker leaves a preset designated area. The Geo Fencing function is also very useful for security purposes to monitor movement of your property.

For example, the tracker will automatically inform you with a SMS message when your car is out of a preset designated area.

Extremely low power consumption with up to 5 days stand by time
Suitable for all types of tracking applications: GPRS AVL, DTMF Global security, personal tracking

Very small in size
With Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker GPS/GSM tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time by using any regular SIM card (with one phone number), any regular phone (home phone, mobile phone, smart phone, etc) and any local mapping software or Google Earth. Special software is not required.

GPS receiver is small in size and main unit come with a large capacity rechargeable battery, making it also very suitable for personal tracking

On the Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker, one can press the panic button and Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker will instantly dial back to preset telephone numbers (can set three numbers in different priority)

Unlike most GPS/GSM trackers that require GPRS communication via SMS message in non-real time mode and require control station (monthly fee) or Internet access, Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker does not need any control center or special software

Spy Matrix Mini-PT GPS Tracker tracking solution is very user-friendly making it easy to track a moving object. Simply call the tracker, listen for the dial tone and then put the phone speaker to the Decoder Microphone. The decoder will decode the dial tone into a standard GPS NMEA data. With the inclusive tracking software, user can see the object moving live on Google map for FREE

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

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  1. Quinten

    Guys, you have got to get one of this mini GSM GPS it’s freaking free, no monthly fee needed to use it. Just plug it into your computer and place it on the handset and start tracking. Cool!

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