MACE Pepper Gel Magnum


• MACE Brand Pepper Spray Gel
• 79 Gram Canister
• Sprays Further than Conventional Pepper Spray
• Thick Formulation Sticks to an Attacker’s Face
• Contains an Invisible UV Dye to Help Aid in Suspect Identification
• Shoots up to 25 feet


Mace Pepper Spray Gel – Magnum!

Mace® 10% PepperGel® Magnum is an ideal everyday personal defense product. PepperGel® is a 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration suspended in a sticky gel rather than a liquid. Sprays up to 10 feet further than conventional sprays. The thick gel sticks to the face and causes temporary blindness.

Mace® PepperGel® is hotter than many other pepper sprays on the market but is non-toxic and causes only temporary discomfort. Contains UV dye to invisibly mark an assailant for possible identification. The gel formula minimizes cross-contamination and is ideal for indoor use.

Contains 79 grams and sprays 15-25 short bursts with an effective range up to 18 feet. Flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge.

Some of the benefits of using pepper gel over pepper spray are:

-Conventional pepper sprays can normally reach up to approximately 15 feet, but Mace Pepper Gel sprays can reach a distance of up to 25 feet.
-The pepper gel has a stronger formula than a regular pepper spray. The pepper gel contains 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration, which is hotter than most pepper sprays on the market!
-The gel sticks to the assailant’s face, prolonging the effects of the OC pepper
-The gel is less contaminating. Streaming pepper sprays can contaminate the surrounding area when used indoors like a home, mall or hospital and will take awhile to dissipate. The thick gel formula holds the active ingredients, so it fully affects an attacker without contaminating the surrounding area.
-The thick formulation reduces the chance of blowback if spraying outdoors in windy conditions.

Effects: The thick gel sticks to the assailant, delivering a strong dose of OC pepper. When hit in the face, the sticky gel will temporarily “blindfold” them. And upon direct contact with eyes, respiratory system and mucous membranes, the active ingredients in the pepper gel will cause eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to the skin. Effects should lessen in approximately 45 minutes.

    Safety: Keep out of reach of children. Follow the first aid instructions that were included with your unit if the pepper spray comes into contact with your skin. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate.

      Storage: Store your Pepper Spray in cool dry area away from heat, flame or strong light. Do not store it in an environment where the temperature may exceed 120 degrees F (50 degrees C).such as an enclosed vehicle. The Pepper Spray cartridge may leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store unit in a cold environment under 32 degrees F (0 degrees C). This may cause depressurization and the loss of effective range.

        Expiration: Pepper spray has a shelf life of 4 years from date of manufacture. Each pepper spray unit is labeled with an expiration date. After this date, the pepper spray cartridge should be disposed of in accordance with the environmental regulations in your area.

          Pepper Gel is non-flammable

          This Pepper Spray Is Covered Under Our FREE Lifetime Replacement Program!


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