GPS Real Time Handheld Portable Tracker Spy Hawk TURBO PRO


• UNLIMITED LIVE GPS Tracking via Internet

• 90 Day Historical Playback (location history)

• 120 HR Real Time Battery (rechargeable)

• Attaches to vehicle with Waterproof Magnetic Mount Case

Trusted by Law-Enforcement

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“Slap & Track” 120-Day GPS Extended GPS Battery

Covert Real Time GPS Tracking

Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Real Time GPS

This unit transmits its position every 10 Seconds Or Every 20′ while in motion

Our Best Seller Spy Hawk TURBO Real Time GPS Has Just Been Upgraded With A State-Of-The Art Lithium Polymer GPS Battery System

Introducing the Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Real Time GPS.

  • UNLIMITED LIVE Tracking Via The Internet – Actually See Vehicle Move Live on screen from anywhere
  • 120 Hour Real Time GPS Battery – Continuously Tracks Every 10 Seconds or 20′ While in Motion for up to 100 + Days based on motion experienced
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
  • Motion Sensor
  • Historical Playback: Up To 90 Days – See Everywhere Vehicle Has Been
  • Waterproof Magnetic Mount Case (70 lb pull magnet)
  • No Contracts – Service is billed Month To Month Securely to Your Credit Card


  • LIVE Real Time Portable Tracking with 10 second updates!
  • Speed Limit alerts are sent with notification via SMS Text Message or Email
  • No Software to install – User Controlled 100% Web Based Site Provided
  • $39.95 per Month for USA/CANADA – NO CONTRACTS – Unlimited Tracking (International + $10.00/mo.)
  • 90-Day Historical Playback
  • Accessible From Any Web Enabled PC or Handheld Enabled Device
  • Each Account Can Support from 1 up to 500 GPS Trackers

Spy Hawk Turbo PRO GPS Transmits once every 20 feet if walking (speed less than 10mph) and once every 10 seconds if driving (faster than 10mph)

You can watch your device move across the screen Live in Real Time as it happens…..Just like in the movies. How do we know?

We supply the Movie Industry with this leading technology for your enjoyment on TV & Movies already!


This is TRULY THE # 1 Real Time Portable GPS Tracking Solution in the Industry today!

Simple To Use: Charge Battery, Quick Slap & Track GPS with Case and View Real Time Activity Via The Web…Watch Vehicle Move Across Your Screen LIVE


You can watch your device move across the screen Live in Real Time as it happens…..Just like in the movies. How do we know?

We supply the Movie Industry with this leading technology for your enjoyment on TV & Movies already!

See the direction its traveling, current speed and even battery life remainingdirectly from your “Private Control Panel”.

Best Uses For Real Time Live GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Security Companies – Know the exact location of all your security patrol officers
  • Fleet Management – Know the exact location of your entire fleet and company vehicles
  • Mid to Large Size Companies – Know the exact location of all your salesmen and service technicians.
  • Law Enforcement – Know the exact location to determine where the nearest response officers are located for rapid deployment.
  • Rental Vehicles – Know the exact location of your rental vehicles for recovery if required.
  • Hazardous or Critical Cargo – Know the exact location of critical cargo at all times as they are moving.
  • Personal Vehicles – Know the exact location of where your personal vehicles are now and where they have been through out the day, week or month.
  • Monitoring Teenagers – Know the exact location of your teenage drivers and where they are at all times. Knowing their speed and driving habits can save their lives and your insurance.

Benefits are Simple: NO CONTRACT EVER!
Monthly Subscription Fee:
$39.95 Monthly for USA/CANADA- Unlimited Use 

NO Activation Charge: $75 per device is WAIVED NO SET UP FEES

No Long Term Contracts! No Hidden Fees Ever! Works Worldwide!

(Plan Rates Outside USA are from $49.95+ per Month depending on location – No Contracts)

Industry Leading GPS Tracking Interface: Take A Look For Yourself at our FREE LIVE DEMO

  • Accuracy: Accurate Up To 8 Inches
  • Battery Life:100 + hrs of Continuous Motion Tracking- Ex: a vehicle that actually drives 1 hrs per day, will last approx. 100 days between charges
  • SMS, Email Alerts & Notifications: Get Alerted when the Spy Hawk TURBO PRO enters/exits zones you set on your web interface
  • No Software To Load – 100% Web Based System

How Long Will The Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Real Time GPS Last On A Single Charge?

(Calculated On Actual Drive Time While Vehicle Is In Motion)

Average Daily Driving Estimated Battery Life:
1 Hr Per Day +/- 120 Days
2 Hrs Per Day +/- 60 Days
4 Hrs Per Day +/- 30 Days
8 Hrs Per Day +/- 15 Days


  • Streams Data For Both Live Viewing & Historical Playback
  • Position Accuracy To Within 8 Inches
  • 100 +Hour Continuous Motion Tracking Battery Life
  • Online Reports: Stop/Start times with dates and locations, plus many more features
  • Current Address Lookup – Click a Button To Get Instant Current Address
  • Live Support From Web Control Panel

Technical Specifications:

  • Average Operating Time: 100 + hrs – motion activated
  • Coverage: ATT 3G Digital Data Network
  • Dimensions: 5″ Length x 4″ Width x 2.75″ Height
  • GSM Channels: 850/1900 (US) 900/1800 (Overseas)
  • Battery Charge Time:10-12 hrs to full charge
  • Battery: 9900 mAh 3.7v battery
  • Operating Temperatures: -4 Degrees F to 140 Degrees F
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Dimensions (appx.) 5.5″ L x 3.5″ W x 2″ H
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to + 60C
  • Typical full power current: 450 ma @12 Volt

Fastest & Best Coverage In The Industry Guaranteed

With Unlimited Tracking And No Contracts

Spy Hawk TURBO PRO GPS provides the ultimate in real-time GPS Tracking with the best nationwide coverage. This Web-based tracking system lets you access the device’s GPS Location from anywhere in the world and watch its movement in real-time. You can even zoom in on the map for the exact street location and speed, accurate up to 8 inches and 1/4 mph.

Built-In Motion Sensor Extends Battery Life For Months

The Spy Hawk TURBO PRO GPS for real time tracking and GPS battery continually tracks every 10 seconds, sending real-time GPS location updates. If the tracked vehicle stops moving, the built-in motion sensor detects this and stops sending unnecessary location information. When motion is detected again, tracking will continue. This super powerful battery allows for 100 + hours of continuous tracking and automatically goes into sleep mode if no movement is detected. Sleep mode extends the battery life for up to months. Easily check your Spy Hawk TURBO PRO GPS Tracker’s available power right from your Private Control Panel online.


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