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MACE Triple Action Pepper Spray - Trusted by Law Enforcement Worldwide

The Defense You Demand

Defending yourself against the evil intentions of malicious people isn't just a good idea in this day and age; it's an absolute necessity. Supreme Defense helps individuals and businesses prepare for when you are inevitably targeted by criminals.

Please! Don't live in regret because you didn't invest in the tools you need to protect yourself, your family and your livelihood. Supreme Defense gives you massive peace of mind... and virtually guarantees that you'll never be the victim of senseless crime.

Supreme Defense empowers you to live your life - knowing you're always prepared for the unthinkable!

Recent Reviews
  1. MACE PepperGard Pepper Spray – Police Model
    Police pepper spray.
    This is the pepper spray i was issued as an mta police officer and always worked great. Mace brand pepper spray is the most widly
    (Review by Jayboy)
  2. Black Pointed Kubotan
    I love this product, it is absolutely fabulous! I really love that it is small enough to fit in my purse, and is easily accessible!
    (Review by barbwiz65)